What is data compression?
Data compression is a technology that reduces data size by transcoding overlapping patterns.
What's the difference between lossless and lossy compression?
Lossless compression (such as ZIP) reduces data size without decimating data, while lossy compression (such as JPEG) do so by decimating data appropriately.
What kind of product is CVC?
CVC is our product that uses Catana's proprietary compression technology to compress/decompress image and waveform data. CVC is an acronym for Catana Versatile Compression.
What is the benefit in using CVC?
You can expect  benefits including reduced data size of images from visual inspection systems, lowered requirement for their storage, reduced bandwidth, reduced bandwidth, reduced required transmission time and reduced working memory for image processing.
What operating systems does CVC support?
CVC supports various operating environment including Windows, Linux and non-OS system.
What kind of CPUs does CVC support?
CVC supports various CPUs including Intel, ARM and Renesas families.
What types of data does CVC support?
CVC supports RAW image and video data and A-D converted waveform data (such as temperature and pressure).
What kind of image formats does CVC support?
CVC supports gray scale, Bayer, RGB and YUV (bit depth: 8 -16 bit).
Does CVC support special type of sensors?
Yes. CVC does not include standardized algorithms, so it can support special types of sensors.We will do a feasibility study if you can provide us with the data specification or actual data.