Privacy Policy
At CATANA, we respect the your right to privacy and are committed to protect your personal information.

Why we collect and use your personal information

We may collect and use your personal information as an individual for the following purposes. In the event that we intend to use your personal information for other purposes, we will clarify the purposes in advance and will not use for any purpose else.
  • To respond to your inquiry.
  • To inform you of events/exhibitions or our services.
  • To utilize for our recruitment activity.

When we provide a third party with your personal information

We do not provide your personal information to a third party except in the following situations:
  • When we are asked to disclose our user infomation by a governmental agency in accordance with the law.
  • When we have your approval to do so.

How we manage your personal information

In protecting and managing your personal information, we take security measures to prevent it from being illegally accessed from the outside, lost, destroyed, tampered or compromised. We comply with laws and regulations on personal infomation protection.
To prevent your personal information you entered to the Contact us form from being intercepted, blocked or tampered, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to encrypt transmitted information.

When you want to change, correct or delete your personal information

If we receive your request to change, correct or delete your personal information, we will respond accordingly only when we can confirm the identify of the requester.

What we collect other than your personal information

  • Cookies
This website may use cookies to serve you better. This mechanism neighter intrudes your privacy nor has harmful effects on your computer.
  • Access logs
This website use Google Analytics to record information on visitors. Access logs inlude information such as type of browser, access date/time domain name or IP address, but does not identify your personal information including your name and address. We do not use these access logs for any purposes other than to analyze statistics for utilization of and maintain this website. For terms of use and privacy policy for Google Analytics, please visit the following URLs.

Contact about privacy policy

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